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Not So Breaking News... [Aug. 20th, 2004|05:10 pm]
NH Anti-Scene


[Current Mood |like a vampire]
[Current Music |It's the Job to Keep the Conscience Clean by Totally Travis]

As you all are aware of by now. Lead Pipe show with Birth Rites at skinisleather </span>Matt's House. Lawn opens at 2, bands start at 2:30. It's all ages, Chemical and Monetary Value free. Bring a dead animal, preferably the blugeoned carcass, and get a door prize. Well not really, I made that up, but it would be pretty shwaaaant!!! Also no Mrartards allowed. So don't them.


This message has been brought to you by the number 53 b/c thats how many lacerations made by a knife will appear on your body if you dont show.

Have fun Kids. NH Anti-Scene Pride.