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eXeter hXc alliance

NH Anti-Scene
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Be a Whiney Bitch, not Live Free or Die

The NH Anti-Scene or eXeter hXc alliance as its called in X-town, is a group of "kids" mostly from the Exeter area who do every thing from Dungeons and Dragons to DDR, from watching giant Kaiju battel in Boston to watching Rowsdower on his adventures in Canada.

Mission Statement:
1. to be seen as anti-scene
2. battle with LJ Community: kids_of_nh
3. protect the seacoast area from dr.cube and his minions
4. bring music to the Exeter through the Exeter Arts Coalition

Brigadier General Mark Glowacky - President and Maintainer
2nd in Command: Zack
3rd in Command: Spence

All other members are specialized recruits until they prove themselves in battle or otherwise show their talent and skills in a way that reflects kindly on NH Anti-Scene. Where upon they will be given rank and the honor of being a officer.